May 29, 1983     Article



Animals made love as children watched

Our reporters have investigated a disturbing behind the scenes sex scandal at a leading London zoo. And we have proof that staff at the zoo in Regents Park have actually encouraged sex between animals.


On a recent visit to the zoo we watched as penguins made love openly while visitors, some of them young children, passed nearby. And we witnessed giraffes attempting sex as a zoo keeper looked on.


In the reptile house the temperature was noticeably high, and we saw lizards and snakes romp naked in the grass.


Nearby a crowd watched as lions explored each others bodies, while in the next cage leopards prepared for a night of passion.


It seems that such acts of shame are an everyday occurrence at this, the zoo of sin. And the staff there have been actively involved in encouraging sexual relationships between animals.



This woman sold children ice cream while animals had sex.

We can reveal that the zoos top attraction, Chi Chi the giant panda, is the key figure in an international sex syndicate involving well known zoos in China and the USA. Our investigations revealed that the bear is regularly taken out of the country to other zoos where it is forced into sex sessions with other pandas.

Yesterday the zoos head keeper was not prepared to discuss our claims. But when we confronted him with our dossier, including photographs of a young rabbit having sex, we were told to piss off.

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