Beatles Had Sex Every Ten Minutes

November 29, 1982     Article

Beatles Had Sex Every Ten Minutes

The true story at lastThe Beatles

Johnny Johnson was the ‘ Sixth Beatle’ . Sacked by the band while on the verge of success, he is now prepared to tell the revealing truth about The Beatles rise to fame in the early sixties. *In an interview with Dicky Filth.

I’ll never forget the day I formed The Beatles. I was sitting in a small cafe in Abbey Road, the street where it all began, with John Lennon. The guys at the next table were singing, so I asked them if they wanted to form a band called The Beatles.


We had problems with groupies long before we had even played together, and when our first gig arrived it was a night to remember. Afterwards we were mobbed by thousands of screaming girls. And it wasn’t autographs they were after! That night I must have had sex one hundred times.


I think it was the next day that our first single ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ went straight to number one. I never received a penny from the record company, but there were other rewards. At the time I must have been the only kid in Liverpool having sex as often as every ten minutes, and I wasn’t the only one.


I remember how at the Cavern Club I caught Paul under the stage with ten naked girls. Before the night was over he must have had sex with every girl in that club at least five times over.


George was always the quiet one. It was me who taught him how to play the guitar, but it wasn’t long till he was learning the facts of life too! His appetite for sex soon became enormous.


Then a chance came for us to play in Hamburg. I had heard that the streets were paved with bright lights and young girls, but when we arrived we were shown to a seedy basement that was to be our home for the next six months.


It was dark and cold, but the place soon warmed up when we turned the lights on to find forty girls lying on the floor naked. He quickly became popular in Germany. Who’d have thought when we arrived that the prostitutes would soon be paying us for sex.


I was earning a fortune like that, but it all went on booze. The others blew their money too. John would spend over £1000 a day on drugs . At one stage he got so high that he was able to have sex non-stop for two weeks. Come to think of it, not one of us had a single night’s sleep in the entire six months we spent in Hamburg.


When we got back to Britain the dream was suddenly over for me. I was sacked by the band and they never even told me why. I believe jealousy was the reason. I had always been more popular with the girls than the others, and though they did not realise it then, I was having sex with their girlfriends more often than they were themselves.

All the rest is now history. Stardom, for me, was stolen from beneath my feet, but they can never take away the memories of my days with The Beatles.

Next week Johnny reveals the sexy secrets of his early days with the Rolling Stones.

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