Duran Duran – Band look super!

May 29, 1983     Article

Band look super!


010_duran_duranAfter two spectacular years of success Duran Duran look set to establish themselves as the best looking band in the history of pop. For as lead singer Simon Le Bon told us, “We’re better looking now than the Bay City Rollers”


That may sound like an ambitious claim, but it is one which the band’s millions of screaming fans would not dispute. Indeed, blonde haired Le Bon, probably the best looking man in Britain today, has been described by top DJ Peter Powell as “Better looking than all of the Osmonds put together”.


Their journey to the top has been a hard one. They had to play in small seedy clubs with little or no money to spend on clothes , often having to share their make-up with the support band. But now those days are in the past. Their recent success has lead to world tour after world tour, together with expensive videos, Put despite this hectic schedule the band have managed to remain attractive.


“If anything we ‘re better looking now than we were twelve months ago”, blonde keyboard player Nick Rhodes told us. “It can be quite embarrassing looking back on some of the early photo sessions we did. But we’ve come a long way since then”. As far the future is concerned there isn’t much left for the band to achieve. “It would be nice to quit while we ‘re at the top”, Le Bon told us. “I certainly wouldn’t want to keep going just for the sake of it the way that Elvis did. He got really ugly”.


But he sees a much brighter future for Duran Duran. “When you look at Steve McQueen he was still good looking in his sixties. So we’ll probably be around for a good while yet”.

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