Hellraiser Oliver Reid tells his own story

November 23, 1985     Article



I’m like an earthquake says Ollie


Adapted from his book I AM AN ATOM BOMB’ © Oliver Reid 1985

Olly Reid

I’ve always had a reputation as a bit of a hellraiser. But I can’t complain. I’m a pretty wild bloke. In my time I’ve smashed up every bar and been thrown out of every posh hotel in the world at least three times.

I was thrown out of The Savoy in London once because I kept jumping out of my twelfth floor window and landing on my head in the car park. I was trying to smash a friend’s car but in the event I came back with a bulldozer and flattened the hotel.


I happen to enjoy drinking. I drank vodka standing on my head until I was about fourteen. Nowadays I prefer 75 pints of beer, down the hatch in one. .And that’s nothing. I often drink twice that much without needing the toilet.


If I go out for a meal it’s as if an earthquake has hit town. I usually smash the table with my girlfriend or use the chairs as a knife and fork. In one restaurant I ordered twelve colour televisions, chewed them up and spat them in the waiter’s face.


My crazy diet of electrical appliances and broken glass often leads to stomach trouble. I often have to pump it myself — with a gallon of liquid Gumption and an industrial vacuum cleaner.

‘l ate fourteen dolphins’

I’m pretty well known for my crazy and dangerous pranks. A friend  once bet me £500 that I wouldn’t eat a live goldfish. I took him along to the zoo and ate 14 dolphins before I was sick. Afterwards I ate another six.


On another occasion I drank ten pints of nitroglycerine and then locked myself in a friend’s washing machine. When he switched it on I blew up, destroying his entire house.

I’m also well known for going through doors without opening them. I had a 36 room mansion built for me in Hollywood without a single door in it. I prefer to make them myself by barging through the walls head first.


I always pay for any damage I cause — unless I don’t particularly feel like it. Being a hellraiser can turn out to be a pretty expensive business.


 I normally get through at least a dozen shirts a week because my body expands to  twice its normal size whenever I get angry. A bit like the Incredible Hulk actually. Many friends have taken to calling me ‘the Werewolf’ because I can change so dramatically. Come to think of it my face does get quite hairy sometimes.

As a matter of fact there have been a few sheep found torn limb from limb in the fields near where I live. And I do get the odd bloodstain on my clothing when I wake up in the mornings.

Next week Ollie describes his X-ray vision and reveals that only kryptonite rays can kill him.

Oliver Reid is a gas fitter from Birmingham and in no way connected with Oliver Reed, the well known British film actor.
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